24/7 Command & Control

National Service Center

Electra FM operates a state-of-the-art service center from its offices in Petah Tikva. The center is staffed 24/7, and maintains continuous contact with about 100 technicians nationwide, who are ready for immediate dispatch. Every technician is equipped with a GPS device for real-time tracking, so that the nearest available staff member can be dispatched via a computer terminal/cellphone for quick, accurate performance under ongoing monitoring. Service calls are prioritized in accordance with the SLA.

Advanced Management System (CMMS)

An advanced, fully-integrated computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provides senior management, various site managers, and the service center with an up-to-date, real-time snapshot of each location, and monitors compliance with tasks, objectives, and budget restrictions.

The management system includes several modules such as logistics, maintenance, procurement, and inventory, which are interconnected and linked to the budget module to ensure cost control and optimization. This system ensures that appropriate resources are allocated to each task, from suitable manpower to equipment and materials, including inventory and procurement system management.

The system includes an operational dashboard that presents clear, accessible information regarding key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling continuous control and monitoring, and taking preventive and improvement measures if necessary.

The CMMS not only collects and presents data but also analyzes and learns from it in order to improve performance standards, and solve engineering and supply chain problems. The system enables intelligent risk management and is an essential tool for decision making and quality assurance.

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