The Electra Group established Electra FM (Facility Management) in 2009, representing a significant component of the overarching Electra vision: providing a comprehensive solution for the complete lifecycle of projects, buildings and facilities, from the concept stage through all planning and implementation phases, to ongoing maintenance over many years.

Facility management is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, and its development has accelerated rapidly in recent decades. This has led to an improvement of professional standards in the field, including the construction of precise methodologies and management methods. In the past, facility management was thought of as a peripheral issue, handled by just a janitor and a few salaried employees, until the industry progressed to the stage of acquiring services from external suppliers. Today, it is widely realized that a modern facility requires skilled professional management and maintenance, carried out from a comprehensive perspective.

This is why more and more Israeli entrepreneurs and property owners are now choosing to put the management of their facilities in Electra FM's responsible professional hands. As a result, Electra FM is recording high growth rates every year, and currently stands as the largest employer in the industry, with more than 4,000 staff members!

The Full Spectrum of Solutions

Electra FM provides a wide range of advanced solutions in the building management and maintenance field, coupled with reliable and attentive professional service, as well as the peace of mind that comes from total commitment and 24/7 responsibility.

The company manages and maintains hundreds of sites totaling some 5.5 million square meters, including office towers, high-tech and pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, commercial centers, universities, laboratories, tunnels, clean rooms, military bases, and more.

Electra FM manages a winning team of specialist subsidiaries, which together cover every aspect of management, operations, and maintenance required for a modern building, offering each customer a personally-customized solution. In addition to managing buildings and facilities under a one-stop shop concept, the company also supplies electromechanical, construction and finishing, cleaning, security, fire safety, and innovative "Smart Building" services.

Israel's Top Professionals

Electra FM employs skilled, experienced professionals who are among the best in Israel, and most of its activities are carried out directly by Electra Group staff. All of the sites under the Group's management are subject to advanced control procedures based on defined performance indexes, and undergo periodic, meticulous inspections to ensure high standards of quality and service are rigorously maintained. Thanks to a central procurement department and efficient procurement processes, every customer enjoys competitive costs and a well-stocked inventory of equipment and materials.
Electra FM operates a mobile service network of some 100 technicians nationwide, with a 24/7 service center that responds rapidly to every call.