Soft Services

12 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Dan Zilberman, Tavas
In this episode, the VP of Customer Relations and Business Development of Tavas discusses the unique challenges of soft services, with a focus on cleaning and security. He talks about the connection to the IFM model and how to deal with the growing shortage in the labor force.


Partnership with Global Companies

11 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Tomer Cohen, Apleona
Apleona Israel lead shares what drives global companies to look for local partners, how it can benefit both parties and how the ultimate winner is… the customer!


Integration and Work Interfaces

10 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Adi Sharvit, Ariel Properties
In this episode, the Operations VP of Ariel Properties explains how integrating experts across different service fields can lead to a higher level of service quality and why you should always be nice to people in elevators.


Innovation and Technology

9 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Pinchas (Piki) Kaufman, Electra FM Maintenance Division
Tune in as the VP of Engineering & Procurement of Electra FM unveils how innovation drives leadership and differentiation in the IFM landscape. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the world of IFM innovation, where technology becomes a catalyst for progress.


Data Analysis and Generating Insights

8 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Einav Tsabari, Electra FM
Transparency, a cornerstone of the IFM model, gets a deep dive in this episode. Join us as a seasoned Strategic Account Manager of Electra FM unpacks the secrets of effective transparency and how data analysis unlocks service excellence.


Hybrid Solutions

7 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Daniel Milo, Electra FM
Dive into the future of work with Electra FM group’s CEO, uncover the evolving trends shaping the modern workplace, and discover how Electra FM Group is crafting customized hybrid solutions to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Join the conversation on building the future of work, where flexibility and quality are the new norm.



6 December 2023 Language: Hebrew

Guest: Nir Basal, Ariel Properties
Our sustainability lead hosts Ariel Properties project manager to present this internationally important topic, its sources, and how it impacts the business world.


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