Hi-Tech Facilities

The hi-tech industry pioneers cutting-edge technology, with constantly evolving needs that present new challenges at every level.
Electra FM specializes in managing, operating, and maintaining facilities for hi-tech, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies on the local and global stage. Our experienced expert team understands how to implement the right operational concepts and innovative service methodologies in every case, always in full compliance with international standards. This enables us to design and implement the optimal service package for each company and location, based on both current and future requirements.

By managing your unique work environment in the most responsible, professional manner, we give you the peace of mind you need to focus on developing your core business and keep pushing the boundaries.

Office buildings in the center of Tel Aviv

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Intel project

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The district court building in Tel Aviv

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Tel Aviv District Court project

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Public & Government Buildings

The public or state sector involves a diverse network of buildings nationwide, forming the daily infrastructure relied upon by millions of families and businesses.
Electra FM has the extensive multidisciplinary expertise needed to manage all aspects of these public buildings, effectively integrating and implementing the most advanced technical engineering services alongside personally customized soft services and logistics. We operate and maintain structures covering hundreds of thousands of square meters, in addition to thousands of electromechanical systems, for the public sector, which involves not only office space, but also advanced infrastructure, and more. This is achieved through both on-site and mobile technical teams, who provide superb professional responses as well as 24/7 availability.

In addition to Electra FM’s commitment to uncompromising quality and custom-built solutions, our activities in the public sector also emphasize our dedication to discretion and confidentiality throughout all phases of project operation.

High-Security Facilities

To ensure the well-being of millions of Israeli citizens, security forces must operate relentlessly in military bases and buildings that support their varied needs in hundreds of sites across the country.
With many years of experience in security systems, Electra FM's classified teams service a variety of facilities for the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister's Office, and maintain operational continuity everywhere and at all times, in both routine and emergency situations. In full cooperation with the field command and the quickly changing conditions, the electromechanical systems, including the critical ones, in the various sites are handled from end to end by maintenance teams suitably equipped for work in conflict zones.

From the most sensitive security sites to the highest-priority national rehabilitation efforts, Electra FM joins hands with the security forces, fueled by unwavering commitment and a deep sense of purpose.

Electra Security officer in uniform with helmet
Electra Security officer on a motorcycle
Interior office building lobby

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Microsoft project

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Offices are the heart of businesses and organizations, providing a welcoming space designed to maximize productivity and wellbeing for all employees.
Electra FM ensures that the offices of our clients and partners are managed and maintained in line with the highest quality standards. Today, more than ever, the work environment is crucial to promoting productivity, wellbeing, and employee retention, helping companies get the most from their talent and preserve vital organizational knowledge. Our expert teams leverage advanced planning, operational, and maintenance capabilities to cultivate an inviting, clean, well-equipped workplace for all employees and visitors. Positioning a unique, high-quality work environment as a major corporate value can also boost recruitment for all tiers within the company.

With Electra FM, your workforce enjoys a healthy, fully controlled workspace optimized for user-friendly activity, with professional planning and the smart use of sustainable resources to deliver any service you require.

Manufacturing Plants

The manufacturing industry is obliged to meet production demands while simultaneously assuring the safety and wellbeing of all workers within complex plants.
Electra FM brings many years of experience in production plant management to the table, supporting the entire manufacturing environment through diligent maintenance of all infrastructures and electromechanical systems. Our customers can be confident that they will receive the best quality response from first-class professionals around the clock, as our dedicated engineers and specialists work to both resolve problems and prevent their future occurrence.

This proven methodology is tailored to ensure continuity of production in both the short and long term, free from critical malfunctions and downtime.

Kimberly Clark Manufacturing Plant

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Kimberly-Clark project

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Two residential towers
Residential building lobby

Residential Towers

Multi-unit residential complexes present a unique set of characteristics and challenges when supporting each building’s functionality, sustainability, and sense of community.
Electra FM has developed an advanced set of tools and services for the residential market that enable developers and entrepreneurs to manage their properties with complete peace of mind. Effective, efficient management complies with regulatory and contractual requirements while also making each complex more attractive to prospective residents. Furthermore, our expert attention to preventive maintenance, as well as rapid 24/7 response to any issue, safeguards resident satisfaction and minimizes operational costs for the client.

Based on in-depth understanding and a people-first outlook, Electra FM helps residents and communities to thrive in a safe, clean, attractive complex.

Data Centers

Hi-tech data centers have developed and expanded massively over the past two decades, with a corresponding leap in the quantity and complexity of management demands.
Electra FM was among the first to recognize the potential of the data center field and we have continued to update our capabilities as server farms have become more technologically advanced. This enables us to manage and operate the sophisticated electromechanical systems within resource-intensive data centers, as established mainly by global hi-tech companies. Our innovative work model is tailored to the work environment and infrastructures that support each data center’s end-to-end activity, developing carefully planned and managed synergy for all electromechanical operations. Thanks to the use of control and monitoring systems, this also entails consistent energy efficiency.

This approach facilitates stable operation of all computing, communication, and digitization systems within our customers’ data centers, for minimal downtime and substantial resource savings.

Data center buildings campus
Data servers in a closed room
Assuta medical room

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Assuta Medical Center project

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Medical Centers

Medical centers and other healthcare facilities demand specific expertise in order to maintain all assets in the appropriate condition and improve patient experiences across the board.
Electra FM’s service-oriented approach, combined with an in-depth understanding of sophisticated technological environments, makes its multidisciplinary teams ideally suited to achieving healthcare objectives. At any medical center, hospital, or healthcare institution, the needs and wellbeing of the patient must come first. This is why we focus on delivering a comprehensive strategy that enables clients to concentrate on patient care while our team handles day-to-day management of all aspects, from simple to sophisticated.

Our in-depth experience working with clients in this field enables us to accommodate and anticipate all types of needs, with preventive maintenance and efficient service helping to minimize disruption and maximize both safety and convenience for patients and staff alike.


Bank branches and other financial institutions require an exceptionally security-conscious IFM strategy that protects crucial assets while also safeguarding customer satisfaction.
Electra FM has revolutionized the way banks in Israel approach security, with highly skilled mobile patrol units offering unparalleled responsiveness to any incident or event, including those involving the threat of violence. This security focus also extends to the peace of mind we deliver through the in-depth vetting and extensive training of all team members, ensuring that all services performed on the premises, such as system installation or maintenance, are conducted by verified, qualified professionals. Our on-demand maintenance services ensure operational continuity and efficient, convenient management of all auxiliary systems without disturbing branch activities.

In addition, we provide bank maintenance services, with our people-first approach ensuring that security and maintenance operations never adversely impact customers or branch staff, while also emphasizing convenience and efficiency in all aspects of management.

Today’s banks are at the forefront of digital transformation and Electra FM is able to serve these needs in terms of both security and maintenance, enabling businesses and individuals alike to conduct transactions with absolute confidence.

Bank Hapoalim office building

Find out how we implemented our IFM concept in the Bank Hapoalim project

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