Leading the Way

Electra FM develops and implements innovative, cutting-edge IFM solutions, harnessing advanced technologies throughout our entire service portfolio. Innovation drives our leadership of the IFM business in Israel, as we deliver the most comprehensive and efficient service that unites state-of-the-art breakthroughs with proven expertise.

We believe in delivering smart approaches that will offer our clients added value through every service layer, from enhanced operational efficiency and customer experience, to improved energy efficiency and collaborative cost savings, sustainable solutions, and a better workplace through health and safety management.

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Our Strategy

Our sophisticated command & control platform is the cornerstone of this innovation strategy, as it processes and analyzes an immense amount of data pertaining to BMS, security, fire safety, parking, vibration monitoring, water leakage, pest control, energy consumption, cleaning, and HVAC systems, among others. This data is pulled from IoT sensors and unique software, and is then available for real-time monitoring and analysis.

What Innovation in IFM Means for You:

  • Fully equipped professional technicians on call
  • Smart assignment prioritization
  • Full digital documentation
  • Predictive failure detection and resolution
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Significant downtime reduction
  • Improved indoor air and climate quality control
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Healthier work environment

Our International Partners:

Service Apps

Leading Point of You

As a people-oriented company, Electra FM endeavors to make life easier for everyone at all steps within the value chain, from our own specialists to your on-site professionals. Dedicated service applications are an integral part of this process, ensuring effective real-time management of projects and facilities nationwide, including ongoing monitoring and essential updates from tech teams in multiple locations.


Appgrade is a uniquely accessible platform designed to optimize facility management services, ensuring you benefit from a seamless user experience. It enables full control and transparency via a comprehensive user-friendly interface that every employee can access via their mobile phone. Thanks to its fully customizable structure, the platform can be tailored to the specific requirements of your stakeholders, from asset management and operational services, to community engagement.

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Appgrade screens that show tasks and progress
  • 1M Service Requests
  • 30,500 Users
  • 20-30% Savings on Maintenance & Operational Services
Electra Max screens with statistics
  • Presents Reports & Data via a Real-Time Management Dashboard
  • Automatically Assigns Technicians by Expertise, Location, Etc.
  • Manages All Interactions, for True End-to-End Service

Electra Max

Electra Max is the service management system platform implemented across our service companies. This tech evolution, upgrading the traditional call center to a 360° service management methodology, reflects the dynamic synergy across our IFM approach, optimizing on-site service efficiency and prioritizing customer satisfaction. It’s all about taking service to the max.

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Electra FM’s 24/7 service center delivers technical support, guidance, and satisfaction to more than 2,000 clients nationwide, maintaining full continuity of operations.

Service & Control Center

Leading Total Continuity

The center is designed to manage on-site activities in real-time, providing remote support and dispatching technicians as needed to handle any issue across our areas of expertise.

Every technician is equipped with a GPS device for real-time tracking, so that the nearest available staff member with the necessary equipment and skills can be assigned to the relevant site. This offers rapid responses to every need, as well as fast resolution of every issue.

  • Real-time management of all on-site activities, ensuring 100% daily compliance with plans and the defined SLA.

  • Service calls can be opened via the app, website, or email, offering the client instant feedback and full transparency.

  • Rapid fault detection and enhanced energy efficiency.

  • Dispatching the technician with the right skill set for the specific task, equipped with the most professional parts

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Now & Next

Electra FM’s service center and managers can obtain real-time updates from each location via the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), which includes various modules monitoring logistics, maintenance, procurement, inventory, and budget matters, among others. All details are easily accessible via a clear operational dashboard that shows key performance indicators (KPIs) among other pertinent information.

This constant flow of information ensures full compliance with defined objectives, regulations, and restrictions, while allocating the appropriate resources (manpower, equipment, and materials) to each task.

Always Moving Forward

Crucially, the CMMS analyzes and learns from the data it collects, enabling more effective decision making, quality assurance, and risk management. This serves as the basis for Electra FM’s continual efforts to raise performance standards and overcome diverse engineering and supply chain challenges.

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