Electra FM is the largest facility management group in Israel, specializing in providing its clients with a full spectrum of solutions under the banner of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services.

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The international Electra Group established Electra FM in 2009 as a natural extension of the overarching Electra vision: providing a comprehensive solution for the complete lifecycle of projects, buildings and facilities, from the concept stage through all planning and implementation phases, to ongoing maintenance over many years.

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Today, Electra FM continues to deliver dynamic services adapted to the evolving needs of its clients and the market as a whole, combining greater efficiency and substantial savings with environmental protection and service excellence.

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Electra FM’s commitment to leading the IFM field is based on a people-oriented culture dedicated to creating flexible on-demand solutions that meet every need: budget, scheduling, and performance. This is why more and more companies and property owners are choosing to place the management of their facilities in Electra FM’s safe, capable hands.

  • 30 areas of expertise
  • 12,000,000 sqm service area
  • 7,500 employees

Our Vision: Total Partnership, Total IFM

We recognize that IFM is an evolving field and embrace the challenge of constantly expanding our capabilities to bring our clients the most appropriate solution in every context, while championing service excellence to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Quality is ultimately a matter of choice

Our choice, as an IFM market leader, is to see the bigger picture and bring added value through ongoing investment in people at every level: clients, employees, and partners. This is our commitment as a people-first organization that is dedicated to supporting the community at every stage.

Our Identities

  • Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization chosen by customers, which competing companies strive to be like, with added values ​​and differentiation, which identifies market trends and provides an adapted response, and holds the largest market share.

  • Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization that produces added value through advanced solutions for the needs of the changing market.

  • Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization that excels in providing a customer experience (emotion) to its customers.

  • Transforming the Electra FM Group into an integrative organization that provides a set of end-to-end service solutions.

  • Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization chosen by its employees, which includes connectedness to the workplace and community involvement.

Trusted Advisors

Electra FM is the largest employer in the industry within Israel, with more than 7,500 experienced professionals qualified across a broad range of specialist fields, including:

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  • lightbulb icon Engineering & Energy
  • Spray bottle icon Cleaning
  • Parking sign icon Parking
  • Shield icon Security
  • Location pinpoint icon Real Estate & Commercial Centers
  • Dumbbell icon Gyms
  • Leaf icon Sustainability
  • Train icon Integrative Vehicles
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Premium Consulting Services

As a member of the Electra Group, Electra FM is also able to call upon the vast expertise of personnel and companies to supply consulting services based on up-to-the-minute knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

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Finest Standard

Thanks to centralized management and procurement activities, clients enjoy very competitive rates and ready availability of equipment and materials. All locations under Electra FM’s management benefit from advanced QA processes that include ongoing KPI tracking and regular rigorous inspections to ensure a consistently high-quality standard.

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24/7 Service Center

In addition, Electra FM operates more than 100 mobile service teams nationwide, whose activities are managed by a 24/7 service center to enable rapid response to urgent maintenance and other requirements.

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Comprehensive Services for Every IFM Need

Electra FM manages a diverse range of buildings and facilities under a dedicated “one-stop-shop” IFM concept that covers several service families: property management, hard services, soft services, project management, BPO (business process outsourcing), and MaaS (mobility as a service).

Electra FM manages a diverse range of buildings and facilities under a dedicated “one-stop-shop” IFM concept that covers several service families: property management, hard services, soft services, project management, BPO (business process outsourcing), and MaaS (mobility as a service). By supplying professional services covering every aspect of facility management and maintenance, Electra FM is able to provide each client with a custom-built solution that coordinates 30 areas of expertise for optimal performance, maximum efficiency, and total peace of mind.

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Business Units

Electra FM maintenance division logo

Electra FM Maintenance Division

Manages and performs advanced maintenance for electromechanical systems: electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. The company is able to build maintenance systems and diverse solutions for all types of customers and sectors. It has proven capabilities in overall management of IFM client needs, focusing on improving KPIs, efficiency, and a smart work environment.

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Electra Security logo

Electra Security

Electra Security has led the Israeli security industry via its territorial security model for more than a decade. The company provides advanced security solutions for all bank branches in the country, as well as HMOs, public transport, supermarkets, telecom and marketing companies, and individuals. In addition, Electra Security plans security systems for public transport, infrastructure, hi-tech facilities, and more. Its innovative model is based on 150 highly trained motorcycle patrol teams nationwide, managed via an advanced control room with C&C systems, CCTV, panic buttons, and emergency response capabilities. The company also supplies electronic monitors for at-home supervision and Level A systems for digital banking.

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Electra Target logo

Electra Target

Supplies project management and outsourcing services under the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) model, including management of sales, HR, and logistics solutions based on advanced technologies. The company also specializes in managing complex productions, such as major sports events, concerts and shows, visitor centers, conferences, and international exhibitions.

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Electra Tomer logo

Electra Tomer

Provides a dedicated service to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems as part of an infrastructure maintenance agreement covering 5 operational areas: building and system maintenance, cleaning, pest control, landscaping, and installations and projects. This also involves 5 core processes: service planning and service calls, subcontractor procurement and management, safety and security, quality assurance, and control and reporting.

Ariel Properties logo

Ariel Properties

Israel’s largest, longest-established outsourced property management group, supplying a comprehensive range of services to the real estate industry. The group offers consulting, management, operation, and marketing services via several professional divisions under one roof.

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Electra Field Service logo

Electra Field Service

Delivers comprehensive professional servicing and maintenance solutions through mobile and non-mobile technician teams all over the country. Available 24/7, these services emphasize rapid response, efficiency, innovation, and high standards. The company operates one of Israel’s most sophisticated call centers, which operates around the clock throughout the year and covers areas including general maintenance, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, security systems, generators, and fire protection systems.

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Michlol logo


Delivers a comprehensive suite of management services, customized to align with each organization's unique requirements, emphasizing service excellence, operational effectiveness, adherence to global standards, and exceptional value. In collaboration with prominent international IFM organizations, the company proudly serves an esteemed roster of leading global enterprises.

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Tavas logo


The leading cleaning services provider in Israel, with some 3,500 employees and a nationwide presence through 6 regions. The company supplies comprehensive cleaning solutions to a wide range of clients, including international customers. Tavas is proud to be known as a green company, as it promotes the core values of sustainability, ESG commitments, technological innovation, Voice of the Customer, and – above all – the wellbeing of its dedicated cleaning personnel and management teams.

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