Privacy Policy

Last update: September 25, 2023

What is stated in this document is worded in the masculine language for convenience only, and is intended for all genders alike.


Electra Group (“the Group” or “we”) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information that we collect and hold about you. The Privacy Policy below describes how we collect information, the types of information collected, how the information is used, and how you, as the data subject, can review it, update it, or request to have it deleted.


As part of your visit to the Group’s websites and/or as part of your contact with the Group via or through the Internet, you agree that the Group will collect, store, and use information about you in the manner described in this Policy and you agree to the risks described in the Security section.


In this Policy, the term “personal information” means any information collected by the Group or provided to it by you or on your behalf or information that you provide to the Group’s business partners, which can reasonably be used to identify you and/or information protected under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, including, but not limited to, your first name, last name, ID number, passport number, home address, phone number, email address, financial status, any additional information provided in the course of contacting and correspondence with you, and so on.


You are not required by law to provide the Group with your personal information and the provision of personal information is made at your own free will and consent, however, you agree that without providing the information, the Group may not be able to offer you its services and/or may not be able to respond as required to your request and/or contact you.


Some of the information collected about you is not personally identifiable and is not stored together with your personal information. This is statistical and/or aggregated information. For example, ads you have read, pages you have viewed, offers and services that interested you, IP address from which you contacted and more.


Without prejudice to the foregoing, if you provide personal information about any third parties, you agree that you have and will remain in your possession at all times that such personal information is in the possession of the Group, all the agreements required from those third parties to provide their details and personal information about them to the Group and/or to someone on its behalf and/or to the Group’s business partners and other relevant third parties (as appropriate) and you will be solely responsible in this regard.




The information collected about you will be stored in the Group’s database (“the Database”) and will be under its responsibility. The use of the information in the Database will be made in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, for the purposes specified below.


The personal information will be stored in the Database, inter alia, for the following purposes:


  • To allow you to use the Group’s websites;
  • To contact you in follow-up to your contact with us, or when we believe that there is a need for this to fulfill another requirement under the law;
  • To provide support and handle requests or complaints;
  • In order to comply with any law, regulation, or other legislation and to assist authorized authorities and any third party, when we reasonably believe that we should do so.
  • Without prejudice to the foregoing, we will be entitled to use the information that does not identify you personally for various legitimate purposes, such as: for the purpose of improving services and applications; adapting content, services, and ads; statistical research, and so on.
  • statistical research, and so on.


Transfer of information to third parties


We will not transfer your personal information and the information collected about you to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:


    • We will not transfer your personal information and the information collected about you to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:
    • If we receive a notice of legal action against us due to actions taken by you and also in any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Group and/or someone on its behalf;
    • As part of the organizational and operational structure of the Group (including in the event that one of the companies in the Group will reorganize its activities within the framework of another entity – including a merger with another entity) – then we will be entitled to transfer to the other entity the personal information or any other information that has accumulated about you, provided that the other entity will assume towards you the provisions of this Privacy Policy;
  • If an allegation is raised or a suspicion arises with the Group that you have committed an act or omission that harms or may harm it and/or someone on its behalf and/or any third parties;
  • Upon your express request.


You agree that the Group will be entitled, at its discretion, to transfer the personal information outside the borders of Israel, even if the law of the country to which the personal information is transferred and/or stored guarantees a different level of protection than the level of protection for information set forth in Israeli law.


Marketing Emails


The Group is entitled, but not obligated, to send the user publications, promotions, discounts, updates, innovations, etc. (collectively, “Marketing Emails”) from time to time, including through email messages or SMS messages, subject to the user’s consent in accordance with the provisions of Section 30A of the Telecommunications (Telephone and Broadcasting) Act, 1982. This marketing email may contain products and services of the Group or products and services of third parties such as the Group’s business partners.


If you do not want to receive inquiries through marketing emails, you may, at any time, notify the Group accordingly to the contact details appearing in this policy below or according to the details appearing in the email itself, at your discretion. It is clarified that the Group will be entitled to send you marketing emails based on the products and services that you have previously expressed interest in, as well as based on your activity on the website and other information that the Group has collected about you.




The Group and/or its representatives use cookies, pixels, or other software tools (hereinafter: “Cookies”) on the website, which are sourced from third parties in accordance with the terms of use and privacy of those third parties. These files are installed on the user’s systems and software when the user uses the internet, among other things, for the purpose of profiling, monitoring, and tracking the user’s activity, identifying usage patterns, clarifying their preferences, allowing for the display of advertisements tailored to the user’s preferences in accordance with analyzes, and in order to make the website more suitable for the user’s experience, needs, and unique characteristics. These files allow the Group and/or its representatives to attribute information relating to the use of the website to a specific user and to information relating to that user.


Cookies are actually text files (or lines of code) that are created on the end device, as long as the user allows it in the end device settings, and which collect information such as the length of time the user spends on a specific page/screen on the website, the way the user browses the website, actions the user takes on the website, IP address identification, location, connection times, and more. It is clarified that the user may update or change the end device settings at any time and block the use of cookies in whole or in part, but it is possible that in this case, certain services, all or some of them, will not function properly. Changing such settings is the user’s sole responsibility.


Right to Access Information


According to the Israeli Privacy Protection Act (1981), every person is entitled to inspect, in person or by a representative authorized in writing or by a guardian, the information about them held in a database. A person who has inspected the information about them and found that it is not accurate, complete, clear, or up-to-date is entitled to request the database owner to correct or delete the information. If the database owner refuses, they must notify the requester of this in the manner and manner prescribed in the regulations.


A request can be made to the Group though email:


In accordance with the aforementioned act, a requester may appeal the refusal of a database owner to allow inspection, and the refusal to correct or delete information, in the manner and manner prescribed in the regulations.


Privacy Policy Changes


The Group may change the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. If the Policy is changed in a significant way, a notice will be posted on the home page of Electra FM Building and Systems Management Ltd. 7 days before the changes take effect.

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