Accessibility Statement

Last updated: January 3, 2024

Electra FM Constructions and Systems Maintenance Ltd. (hereinafter – the “Company”) is committed to providing a positive service experience to all its customers. The Company, with the assistance of accessibility consultants, makes utmost efforts and invests resources in providing equitable, respectable, accessible and professional services, in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law 1998 and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto.



Accessibility arrangements in branches


Below you may find a centralized table of the topic:


The Branch Address Audio system for hearing impaired Disabled toilets Accessible entrance Accessible Furniture Signage Disability Parking
Electra FM HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Electra Security HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Ariel Properties HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Maintenance Division HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
FS HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Electra Tomer HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Tavas HQ Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Michlol Solutions HQ Medinat HaYehudim 89 Herzeliya
Electra Target HQ Odem 6 Petach Tikva
Tavas Haifa and North District Branch Sapir 5 Hifa
Tavas Central district District Branch Efal 25 Petach Tikva
Tavas Tel Aviv City Branch Yigal Alon 65, Tel Aviv
Tavas Shfela aria Branch Ilan Ramon 2, Nes Ziona
Tavas Jerusalem branch 216 Jaffa, Jerusalem, Nes Ziona
Tavas South District Branch 9 Recha Peryar Beer Sheva




Accessible customer service


  • All the firm employees who provide service to customers have dedicated training and guidance in aspects of providing service to people with disabilities and received tools
    related to providing an accessible service and how to handle customer inquiries related to an accessible service.
  • Established Accessibility arrangements
  • In all departments there are accessible service counters and hearing aid systems of the inspiration loop type
  • In the departments there are hearing aid systems with an inspiration loop as well as earphones
    for those who do not have a hearing aid or who do not have a T mode in their hearing aid. In order to benefit from the auxiliary system, the hearing aid must be switched to position T or use the normal headphones.
  • The voice response has been accessed so that the information is recorded in clear language and without background music


Accessible Website


Accessibility adjustments have been made to the website in a way that will allow people with disabilities and older people to use the site with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as all users.


The site complies with the requirements of regulations equalizing rights for people with disabilities (service accessibility adjustments), 2013 and was adjusted according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (T.I. 5568).


An adjustment was made to the accessibility requirements of the W3C organization to level 2 (AA) and was built according to the W3C standard for CSS and HTML.

The site is optimized for display in different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge), including use of the cell phone. The website was tested using the latest NVDA screen reader.

  • All actions on the site can be performed using a keyboard as follows: pressing the Tab key moves to the next link and pressing the Enter key activates the link. Pressing Shift-Tab moves to the previous link.
  • Adaptations for blind users – the site is adapted for surfers who use screen reader software.
  • The site includes:
    • Titles
    • Alternative texts for images
    • The division of the site into navigation areas and a central content area and the possibility of skipping between them
    • Using ARIA to improve the readability of the screen reader.


Accessibility restrictions and accessibility inquiries


We continue to invest a lot of effort in making the site accessible. At the same time, it is possible that parts of the site that are not yet accessible will be discovered. If you have encountered a problem or have a comment or question, we would appreciate it if you wrote to or sent a letter to Electra FM, Afal 25, Petah Tikva 4951125, phone: 03-7535000.

You can view Website Accessibility Guidelines 2.1:


In Hebrew


In English


Did you encounter a problem? Tell us!


We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. If you found and/or encountered difficulties browsing the site and the issue of accessibility in particular, do not hesitate to report using the contact form. In the best way, please attach complete details as much as possible:

  • Problem Description
  • Browser type and version
  • Browser type and version
  • The type of assistive technology (if used)
  • What page did you browse?
  • What is the action you were trying to perform?
  • We will handle the problem and get back to you as soon as possible with details on how to proceed.


Contact details of the accessibility coordinator

The person in charge of accessibility: Udi Maimon, can be contacted through the following ways:


Mailing address: Electra FM, Afel 25, Petah Tikva 4951125


Phone: +972-03-7535000




Any question or request regarding accessibility can be made via the “Contact” page.


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