Our People

At Electra FM, our people are the people who go above and beyond when serving customers, leveraging new technologies, finding creative solutions, and giving back to our community. That’s why we as a company always strive to go above and beyond for our people as well.

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Our Team

Across several companies and various divisions, Electra FM’s people are one team, representing many diverse cultures and communities, yet united by a common service philosophy. We recognize that when we work together, embracing inclusive practices and varied perspectives, we become stronger and help our customers achieve even more.

At Electra FM, our goal is for every team member to be an ambassador for our service ethos. We invest in training and developing our people, with a view to helping them fulfill their potential at any level of the organization, and in any specialist field, while also advancing the needs of our customers and the wider community.

  • Sivan Sherf
    Electra gives you the platform you need to learn and develop your full potential
    Sivan Sherf Maintenance Division
  • Eitan Abbu
    At Electra, everyone’s always looking out for one another
    Eitan Abbu Electra Security
  • Chassia Habib Dekel
    You’re always learning so much at Electra, and teaching others so much as well
    Chassia Habib Dekel Ariel Properties
  • Shir Hassan
    There’s a sense that people really see you and what you’re contributing
    Shir Hassan Michlol
  • Virginika “Vivi” Shmuel
    I feel like a little champion, in a company that’s a big champion
    Virginika “Vivi” Shmuel Tavas
  • Mahmud Zamiro
    At Electra, everyone supports and helps each other wholeheartedly
    Mahmud Zamiro Maintenance Division
A group of Electra FM employees in colorful polo shirts
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Life at Electra FM Means…

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We encourage everyone to become active partners in our development and share their ideas for Electra FM’s growth engines through our “Shark Tank” program, employee experience survey, round tables, personal meetings with the CEO and articles in our organizational portal written by employees.

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We believe that our people will drive the company forward. That’s why we nurture the skills and talents of our people through professional and managerial development programs, with senior team members mentoring their junior counterparts.

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Electra FM welcomes the input and specialist knowledge of employees through several proactive internal communities, each of which makes recommendations on a specific field, such as IFM, innovation, sustainability, service and internal communication.

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All Electra Group and Electra FM team members enjoy a wide range of benefits in all kinds of ways, making it easier than ever to take advantage of different perks and offers.

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We understand that everyone at Electra FM has their own unique needs and abilities, which are supported by our diversity, equity, and inclusion policy.

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Being a Family

As one big Electra FM family, we place great importance on supporting our extended family – the partners and children of our team members – with scholarships, as well as special gifts for various occasions (holidays, starting school, bar/bat mitzvahs, military enlistment, etc.), community events, and fun competitions.

Members of the Electra FM team hold a sign at a running event
A young woman sits with a child near a drum circle
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Electra FM team members regularly volunteer in the local community via an annual program. We also participate in the activities of many associations on an ongoing basis, helping to raise awareness of social issues.

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