Daniel Milo

Daniel Milo

CEO, Electra FM Group

Daniel Milo has served as CEO of the Electra FM Group since 2009 and has extensive experience in business development and management, particularly in terms of integrated operations within large organizations. As Electra FM CEO, Daniel is a strong proponent of a business strategy based on developing and managing complex aspects of property management and operation through improving and expanding the business knowledge and capabilities of all companies within the Electra FM Group.

Daniel leads an efficient, innovative integrated management concept that unites the planning, operation, and implementation skills of all professional units in the optimal way, and then precisely adapts those skills to meet customer needs across various sectors within the Israeli market. Daniel has instituted an advanced, state-of-the-art service concept within the organization that offers unique added value, and constantly examines both cutting-edge and proven technologies in the fields of proptech and smart robotics. These enable HMI performance capabilities to be smoothly integrated and upgraded.

Furthermore, Daniel is confidently leading the Electra FM Group forward through strategic collaborations with customers and business partners in Israel and around the world, while always foregrounding the Group’s commitment to providing a unique, professional, advanced, and market-leading service experience.

MBA | University of Derby | 2000
BSc Civil Engineering | Technion – Israel Institute of Technology | 1991

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