Omri Barzilai

Omri Barzilai

CEO, Michlol Solutions

Omri Barzilai is the CEO of Michlol Solutions. He previously served in the joint role of CFO and COO from 2005 to 2023.

During Omri’s career, he has seen Michlol grow and evolve into its current form. He is very proud to have played such a pivotal role in a company that has developed successfully while never compromising on its core values of people-first service, transparency, and excellence.

In a world where the job market is becoming ever more challenging, Omri believes in the importance of Michlol’s personal attitude throughout all its activities and relationships – with employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

By successfully integrating innovative technology with this people-oriented approach, Michlol will be able to continue its steady growth and maintain an outstanding level of service awareness, while providing a holizstic response to each customer.

BSc in Industrial Engineering & Management | Ben-Gurion University of the Negev | 2005

In an era where labor supply is becoming increasingly challenging, a people-oriented company that can effectively integrate technology will be able to prosper over time