Arik Regev Shuashi

Arik Regev Shuashi

CEO, Electra Security

Arik Regev Shuashi founded Electra Security in 2012 and has served as its CEO ever since, accompanying its development over the years from a specialized Bank Patrol Unit to a fully fledged company within the Electra FM Group that offers a full range of security solutions and has established itself as a leader within its field.

Electra Security’s unique approach to business protection and risk management stems directly from Arik’s own commitment to leading change in the field by creating new, flexible, effective solutions to modern challenges. This same commitment is reflected in Electra FM’s IFM model, delivering comprehensive services in line with contemporary customer needs. Arik recognizes that, just as security threats constantly change and adapt to a new status quo, security services must not only evolve alongside those threats, but also remain ten steps ahead. He is therefore dedicated to offering the most advanced services appropriate to any situation, from state-of-the-art technologies to highly trained mobile patrol officers. Arik also views Electra Security’s clients as full partners, and builds each security model in full cooperation and transparency with the relevant decision-makers.

LLM | Ono Academic College
LLB | Ono Academic College
BA in Management & Strategic Consulting | Bar-Ilan University

Together, we are pioneering change in the security industry through innovation, efficiency, professionalism, and rapid response. By anticipating future trends, needs, and challenges, we are able to develop the most appropriate groundbreaking solutions to any threat or incident, and always staying a step ahead of the market