Erez Markovich

Erez Markovich

Erez Markovich IFM Operations Manager and Electra MaaS General Manager

Erez joined the Electra FM Group headquarters in 2022 as the Managing Director of IFM Projects. His mission is to enhance the quality of service and lead the efficiency of the Group's strategic projects. Hitting the ground running, Erez established a new area of business for the Group, an integrated mobility service (IMS). The MaaS (Mobility as a Service) field, which combines advanced technology, empowers the Group to help its customers, both in the business sector and the public sector, embrace a new era of efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly transportation.

Erez's unique added value lies in his innovative approach, stemming from his many years of experience on the customer side. He pushes the Group to refine its operations and continuously improve, all with an out-of-the-box perspective.

For Erez, success hinges on uncompromising professional honesty and integrity, managerial courage, and building cohesive teams that will be true partners throughout the journey.

With decades of experience in Israeli weapons system development, Erez played an integral role in teams that developed sophisticated defense systems like the Iron Dome and David's Sling. He takes pride in his role in strengthening the state's security and in Electra FM Group's involvement in operating and maintaining security facilities.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering | Braude College of Engineering | 2008

We all need to have the courage to step outside of our comfort zones. If we surround ourselves with a team that challenges us and is a partner on the journey, we can achieve extraordinary things