Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin


Michael Rubin has been CFO of Electra FM since 2011, taking on the challenge of managing the financial activities of all Group companies.

He is experienced at handling mergers and acquisitions, which have long been a cornerstone of Electra FM’s growth and diversification within an evolving market. This can involve various complex negotiations and other financial aspects, which Michael is always eager to tackle and resolve in the most appropriate ways.

Michael believes that reliability, transparency, and professionalism are the three values crucial to overcoming any obstacle, with Electra FM’s unique combination of high-quality employees and technological integration enabling the Group to attain extraordinary accomplishments on every level.

This is reflected in the attentive service and support he offers his Electra FM colleagues, as well as customers from many diverse industries.

BSc in Accounting & Finance| Tel Aviv College of Management | 1998

There is no challenge that cannot be overcome through reliability, transparency, and professionalism. This is what enables us to do extraordinary things