Vadim Nemirovski

Vadim Nemirovski

CEO, Electra Target

Vadim Nemirovski has been the CEO of Electra Target since 2023. The company operates as a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, offering managed services across diverse industries. Leveraging his expertise in project management, including representing multinational companies on mega-infrastructure projects (power plants, utilities, services and technology), Vadim spearheads the development of effective methodologies and utilizes advanced tools to manage integrated projects that combine technology, management, nationwide logistics, and large human resource arrays.

Deepening client relationships, spanning both the public and private sectors, with a comprehensive understanding of the unique nuances of each project, is one of Vadim's primary objectives, as he aims to deliver end-to-end solutions for operations beyond the clients' core business.

Vadim believes that Electra Target's experience in strategic national projects, ranging from establishing and managing the national COVID-19 testing and vaccination operations, the logistical management of municipal elections for the Ministry of the Interior, the management and operation of Israel's aerial firefighting system, to the management and production of major events, such as the Independence Day Torch-lighting Ceremony, positions the company to provide comprehensive solutions in any field.

MA in International Relations | University of Haifa | 2016
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) | University of Haifa | 2015
Focus Studies in Business Administration and Economics (within LL.B) | University of Haifa | 2015
Licensed Attorney since 2016

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