Bank Hapoalim

Case Study

The Project

One of Israel’s largest banks and financial services providers, Bank Hapoalim has more than 200 branches nationwide that serve thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Electra FM was tasked with developing an effective solution to the needs of these high-traffic locations, where there is zero tolerance to service interruptions or downtime. The project involved 220 sites with 6,000 customers, covering a total of 104,000 sqm.

The Service Solution

For this multi-site project, involving some 20,000 work orders every year, Electra FM created a dynamic solution based on mobile teams that could cover many branches throughout Israel. These teams supplied 24/7 support for services including:

  • Building & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping

These services were delivered by 270 in-house IFM employees, with the assistance of 100 fully vetted subcontractors. Advanced planning and real-time monitoring of each branch, as well as the locations and tasks of the mobile teams, ensured continuous smooth operation, with no service interruptions or inconvenience to visitors.