Case Study

The Project

Kimberly-Clark, the multinational corporation known for producing paper-based consumer goods, among various other products, has several manufacturing sites in Israel. These conventional production facilities may be relatively low-tech, but still require international-standard IFM services to ensure optimal manufacturing quality. Electra FM was called upon to supply comprehensive solutions for five Kimberly-Clark locations, covering 79,700 sqm.

The Service Solution

Electra FM presented Kimberly-Clark with a 360° solution that exemplified the IFM concept, with 37 dedicated IFM staff members catering to the needs of all five facilities and 1,200 customers. This solution included services such as:

  • Building & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Administration
  • Laundry
  • Waste Management
  • Fire Protection

The careful planning and real-time coordination of all services ensured that Kimberly-Clark enjoyed optimal efficiency throughout all aspects of its facilities, in addition to an improved work environment for its employees and visitors. Electra FM also provided 24/7 support to ensure rapid response to any needs and minimum downtime due to any maintenance-related issue or other matter.