Case Study

The Project

Microsoft is a multinational technology corporation known for its PCs, computer software, and related services. The company has five sites across Israel, including an extensive new campus in Herzliya, spanning 62,250 sqm (plus 5,000 sqm of gardens at the Herzliya campus). Electra FM was called upon to provide premium IFM services for this client with high-level integration at the main Herzliya campus.

The Service Solution

Electra FM created a groundbreaking IFM solution that covered an exceptionally wide service scope, integrating numerous diverse activities under one roof. These services were provided by 150 IFM personnel and included:

  • Building & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • Parking Management
  • Workplace Experience Management
  • Events
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Catering
  • Communication
  • Employee Services (Gym, Shuttles, Office Supplies)
  • Reception & Mail Services
  • Occupancy Management

Microsoft had very clear expectations of this project, with an emphasis on world-class standards and short response times to any request related to any particular service or service combination. Electra FM was able to meet these high-performance requirements thanks to the skills of its staff in every field, as well as smart planning and ongoing coordination from the main control center.