Moshe Weizman

Moshe Weizman

Electra Tomer General Manager

Since 2020, Moshe Weizman has managed Electra Tomer, from its inception, to provide comprehensive IFM services to Rafael across 14 locations nationwide. His strategic management approach encompasses the effective orchestration of hundreds of employees and subcontractors, prioritizing collaborative synergies and fostering client-centric partnerships.

A firm advocate for employee development, Moshe consistently champions skill enhancement, knowledge deepening, and unwavering engagement in ongoing operations, ensuring significant value to the clients and a consistently optimized customer experience.

Moshe firmly believes that robust infrastructural investment is the cornerstone of a thriving work environment, the driving force behind enhanced performance and business growth.

MBA in Diplomacy and Security (Managers Program) | Tel Aviv University | 2007
BA in Middle Eastern Studies | Hebrew University of Jerusalem | 1997

Partnership is the ethical and commercial cornerstone of Electra Tomer and is the powerful driving force of its success