1 December 2023
Language: Hebrew

Host: Idit Shani, Electra FM
Immerse yourself in the world of the IFM, a unique service model, with this introductory podcast episode. Led by Electra FM, a prominent group in the field, we peel back the layers, revealing its essence, values, and potential. Join us as we embark on this exploration, promising insightful discussions and a deeper understanding in future episodes.


Welcome and thank you for taking them time out of your busy day to tune in. We're excited to launch the first podcast in Israel dedicated to the field of Integrated Facility Management!

Our podcast will explore a variety of topics from the worlds of IFM. So, even if you're not familiar with the concept at all, or if you just want to learn more, this podcast is for you!

You are invited to join us in our upcoming episodes+, where you will be able to listen to interviews we conducted with wonderful and leading guests in the field of IFM.

I'm Idit Shani, Vice President of IFM and Global Strategic at Electra FM Group. I've been with Electra for three years and have over 20 years of experience in IFM and operations for global tech companies. Married to Igal, mother to Ben and Tomer, and call Hod HaSharon home.

My position entails leading the IFM field in the group, which includes customizing training for employees, nurturing the IFM community, and managing global business aspects like strategic partnerships and project support and end-to-end implementation. Einav and Gul are part of my team – Einav managing a classic IFM project and Gul leading the sustainability field.

So, why a podcast now? Well, it's cool and different, but more importantly, it's a deeper dive into the diverse IFM world, perfect for both the curious newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Our upcoming episodes will explore leading trends, marketing strategies, tech and innovation, customer experience, and all the incredible collaborations within the IFM community.

Before we jump in, let's demystify IFM. It stands for Integrated Facility Management – an operational model integrating all service areas for asset operation and maintenance through a single outsourced expert team.

In this integrated model, our partnership and complete transparency with clients are key. Our customer, the end user, can focus on their core business knowing they have a true business partner. One who brings operational peace of mind, supports their business goals, manages budgets, and plays a central role in their operational model.

Imagine transforming the old-school, key-laden facilities worker into an FM manager, a site leader controlling everything with a hospitality-like approach – just like in a hotel. That's the shift we're making.
Terms like "supplier" and "contractor" are evolving into broader concepts like "business partner" and "expert lead." The relationship between the management company and the customer has also significantly changed.

Today's average customer, often an international company, expects a smart, professional, innovative, and cost-saving service concept. They want data, constant measurement, lessons learned, and of course, value creation alongside significant operational efficiency and profit.

IFM started abroad, where dedicated educational institutions prepare individuals for FM roles. While we're slightly behind here in Israel, the day isn't far when FM professions will be recognized, knowledge-rich, and supported by our own IFM academic institutions.

We'll showcase some of the changes and trends in IFM services in the podcast.

So, see you in the next episode!

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