Hewlett Packard

Case Study

The Project

HP is an IT multinational specializing in PCs, printers, and related supplies, such as printer ink. The company has five sites across Israel, including a major manufacturing plant in Kiryat Gat, covering a total of 95,000 sqm and involving some 4,000 customers. Electra FM was tasked with supplying comprehensive IFM services for all five sites.

The Service Solution

Electra FM developed a seamless IFM solution to cover the complex needs of the 5 HP sites, which include various sophisticated electromechanical and manufacturing systems. This solution required 169 personnel to handle combined hard and soft services, such as:

  • Building & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Project Management
  • Office Services
  • Help Desk

This solution was successfully implemented at all 5 sites, with IFM services coordinated and monitored centrally to ensure maximum efficiency, fulfillment of all customer needs, and consistently high quality in line with the Electra FM service standard.