Tel Aviv District Court

Case Study

The Project

The Tel Aviv District Court is a large public building at the heart of Tel Aviv, where judges hear various criminal and civil cases. As a strategic government facility, it is a sensitive environment that entails a need for discretion, while also being a busy complex visited by thousands of people every day. Electra FM was required to supply a solution for this 25,000 sqm location with 1,500 customers.

The Service Solution

One of the primary concerns regarding this project was the zero tolerance to service disruptions. It was necessary for all services to be provided in an efficient, timely manner so that they would not delay or disrupt the very tightly scheduled activities at the courthouse. The required services involved:

  • Building & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning

Electra FM designed and implemented a solution that enabled all services to be delivered while considering essential scheduling and security issues. This solution harnessed the professional expertise of 85 employees, with each activity being centrally managed and coordinated to ensure early identification of issues and minimal downtime.