1.7.24: A Landmark Day for Israel’s Security Industry

1 July 2024
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  • Security

Today marks a historic day for the security industry in Israel, with the establishment of a new tactical unit of Electra Security in the city of Sderot. This unit will be a cornerstone of the city’s defense infrastructure.

This development follows the success of a similar unit launched in Petah Tikva earlier this year, which included five jeeps and dozens of fighters equipped with top-tier tactical gear for urban combat.

However, the establishment of the unit in Sderot signifies a pivotal moment in urban security across Israel.

It introduces a groundbreaking security concept developed in response to the events of October 7, 2023. After months of in-depth analysis of serious terrorist incidents, Electra Security formulated this new strategy to prevent attacks, murders, and abductions of civilians.

The unit’s creation was supported by the consulting firm Octagon and received approvals from the OC Southern Command, Home Front Command, the Takuma Administration, and the Israel Police.

Fully integrated into Sderot’s municipal defense system, this unit represents the forefront of active defense.

Electra Security and the city’s planning advisory team meticulously selected the fighters, focusing on those with extensive combat experience, many of whom are local residents with active warzone service since the conflict’s onset.

While Sderot enhances its defenses with this special tactical unit, Electra Security has also commenced security operations for educational institutions in Ramat Hasharon. Addressing the prevalent fears of terrorist attacks and the need for personal security, the unit aims to provide comprehensive protection for residents.

The creation of tactical units like these marks a significant stride in bolstering Israel’s security.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to acknowledge the budget constraints of local authorities, which limit long-term, effective spatial protection. Many Israeli cities, especially around schools and kindergartens, still face security challenges. This situation demands creative and innovative solutions to ensure the efficient and continuous safety of all citizens.

Electra Security collaborates closely with various security agencies to develop advanced and efficient security solutions.

The establishment of these new units is a major step forward, and Electra Security remains committed to tirelessly strengthening the personal security of all Israeli citizens.

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