Electra Field Service is delivering an exceptional project in Equatorial Guinea

25 February 2024
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Electra Field Service, renowned for its expertise in fire detection and extinguishing systems, distinguishes itself within Israel and beyond by deploying cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions. This organization is powered by an elite cadre of engineers, technicians, and safety professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Their dedication to excellence is evident in the delivery of tailored, professional solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Recently, Electra Field Service marked a significant milestone by completing an ambitious project in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, specifically at the “Hospital La Paz OYALA”. This endeavor involved the installation of sophisticated detection and extinguishing systems, a testament to the company’s expanding global footprint.

The project mobilized Electra Field Service’s top talent, including Sharon Abergel and Itzik Gas, who led their teams through complex challenges such as navigating remote locations, overcoming tough terrains, and bridging language and cultural barriers. Their efforts culminated in the successful deployment of 7 advanced detection systems, complemented by over 1,000 detectors and numerous fire extinguishing tanks throughout the hospital.

Sharon Abergel, Head of the Firefighting Detection Team: “We worked in full cooperation, and received all the conditions and tools for the project’s success. Despite the difficulties, it was a great and satisfying experience.”

The primary goal of the “Hospital La Paz OYALA” is to elevate the standard of medical services for the local community, a vision that Electra Field Service’s project has significantly supported. This venture in Equatorial Guinea represents the beginning of Electra Field Service’s commitment to enhancing global infrastructure through strategic international partnerships.

Nadav Hartal, CEO of Electra FS, expressed pride in the collaborative efforts that made the overseas project possible, emphasizing the company’s dedication to exporting its hallmark of professional excellence to regions far beyond Israel’s borders. This initiative not only showcases Electra Field Service’s technical prowess but also its commitment to making a positive impact on global healthcare infrastructure.

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