Electra Tomer educational sustainability conference

17 June 2024
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Last week, an exciting and educational sustainability conference was held at a security facility, bringing together leading experts in the field and all office employees to learn, share, and contribute to sustainability efforts. The conference focused on essential topics of environmental protection and promoting sustainability in business.

The conference opened with greetings from Moshe Weitzman, the operations manager of Electra Tomer, who emphasized the importance of sustainability in business and the company’s commitment to creating a green and healthy environment. Moshe stressed the need to integrate sustainability into the company’s business processes and daily operations.

Next, Mor A, head of maintenance and infrastructure at the account, spoke about the importance of the subject and its direct impact on our quality of life and future generations. Mor emphasizes the commitment to implementing advanced sustainability solutions in all areas of its activity.

Einav Tsabari, ESG Lead at Electra FM Group, provided an in-depth review of the ESG field. He described the development of the field, presented Electra FM’s activities on the topic, and highlighted the positive impact of applying ESG principles on the company and the environment.

Tuvia Yahalom, operations and projects manager at Electra Tomer, presented the need for cooperation between companies and key personnel to optimally integrate sustainability. Tuvia shared the successful sustainability projects of Electra Tomer and emphasized the importance of innovation and creativity in solving environmental problems.

Following that, an intriguing panel was held by Ariel Properties, presenting various sustainability solutions. The lecture covered many topics such as nutritional balance, the use of fresh food, convenience, and suitability, and their impact on customer and employee performance. Ariel Properties highlighted the importance of healthy nutrition at work and its positive impact on business performance and profitability. The lecture was inspiring and exciting, emphasizing the importance of healthy nutrition as an integral part of successful and balanced work.

The conference concluded with a sense of satisfaction and pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. We all returned to our daily routine with new tools and creative ideas to continue leading positive change. The sustainability conference was a great success and proved once again that together, we can create a green and sustainable future.

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