Tavas: Leading the Way in the Cleaning Industry

9 July 2024
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Tavas, a veteran and leading cleaning company in Israel, continues to innovate and deepen its expertise in the cleaning services industry.

In 2023, Tavas took a significant step by exclusively using ecological cleaning products for all its ongoing cleaning activities. This initiative aligns with their commitment to combating the climate crisis and reducing environmental damage.

This year, Tavas expanded its focus to include cleaning maintenance in clean rooms—controlled environments essential for producing delicate and sensitive products. Leveraging its expertise in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries, Tavas has become a trusted partner for leading companies such as Intel, KLA, Philips Medical, AVX, Medinol, Rafael, and more.

A notable project for Tavas is their collaboration with Intel in Kiryat Gat. Tavas was entrusted with the cleaning and maintenance of Intel’s new manufacturing plant, spanning approximately 85,000 square meters with four levels dedicated to chip production in uniquely classified clean rooms. This project employs innovative and exclusive cleaning technologies led by Avi Yeshurun, Head of Technological Innovation at Tavas, and is managed by professional teams with close supervision from consultants.

Dudi Mizrahi, Tavas’s COO, personally oversees the Intel project, ensuring the complex cleaning tasks are executed flawlessly. Tavas has invested in advanced equipment for high-altitude pumping and steam cleaning and developed unique cleaning tools to maximize efficiency and safety.

Ilan Shimoni, founder and CEO of Tavas, highlights that cleaning maintenance in clean rooms is a significant growth engine for the company. He underscores the importance of implementing innovative technologies and meeting the complex needs of both domestic and international clients. Shimoni also reaffirms Tavas’s social commitment to being a diverse, inclusive, and safe workplace for employees across the country.

Tavas’s focus on innovation, advanced technologies, environmental protection, and strong social responsibility positions it as an ideal partner for clients seeking professional, experience-based cleaning solutions, comprehensive management, exceptional customer experience, and effective employee recruitment and retention capabilities.

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