A New Era of Waste Separation at Electra FM

18 March 2024
  • The Evolving Landscape of Facility Management: Embracing a Streamlined Future with IFM

“Waste separation at the source expresses the highest level of awareness of the environment and its fragility that a person can adopt”, said Dudi Mizrahi, COO of Tavas, summarizing the process of introducing waste separation bins to the offices of Electra FM Group headquarters in the Amot Platinum building in Petah Tikva.

The process began a few months ago with a meeting with Amir Kubi of “Yarok Hevrati” (Socially Green), a project that employs people with disabilities in ecological activities. Electra FM was responsible for purchasing suitable bins and pu ton appropriate signs to help raise awareness. Despite unplanned delays, the goal remained the same and at the beginning of March, the offices were equipped with clearly marked bins and employee training was conducted on each floor.

“It was important for us to be accurate, both in terms of making the information accessible to users and to the cleaning staff who empty the bins on the floors into the designated bins in the building, and also in choosing the bins themselves. We know that any change can provoke resistance, and overly cumbersome bins could have created an additional challenge in implementation,” added Gul Sedlinsky, the group’s sustainability integrator, and continued, “It’s easy for users to go back to the easy solution of throwing waste into a central unsorted bin, and we want to prevent that. In addition, we plan to refine the solution for a better fit.”

The implementation at the group’s headquarters is also a pilot for creating a service package in the field that Electra FM Group will offer to its customers in the future, thus expanding the group’s circles of influence. Dudi Mizrahi emphasized, “Waste separation at the workplace is the source for adopting patterns and then transferring them home to the next generation. We at Tavas are proud to be pioneers in this field.”

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