An unforgettable seminar at Electra Security

9 April 2024
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Following an intense period marked by round-the-clock efforts, some of which involved sustained periods in reserve duty, Electra Security’s CEO, Arik Regev Shuashi, chose to halt the relentless pace, to alleviate the recent stress, he orchestrated a distinctive seminar in Eilat for the Security Group.

The seminar kicked off with an early morning exploration of “Ein Avdat,” offering a captivating introduction to the area alongside a brief visit to its waterfall. Here, against the backdrop of a breathtaking vista, the entire Electra Security team gathered.

This setting provided a unique opportunity for members to introduce themselves, sharing insights into their personal and professional journeys, particularly highlighting how they’ve navigated crises since the war began, Emphasis was placed on personal growth, organizational development, achieving objectives, and celebrating achievements.

The journey then progressed to the “shepherd’s parking lot” where an authentic Israeli breakfast awaited, featuring shakshuka, omelets, salads, and a notable Yemenite soup crafted by Nehemiah Admoni.

During this meal, Arik revisited the company’s endeavors throughout the chaotic period since the war started. He unveiled new processes and introduced a groundbreaking security concept endorsed by the OC Northern Command.
His deepest appreciation was extended to all staff members for their critical contributions and their role in pioneering a shift in Israel’s security paradigm.
The day wrapped up with a pool party, serving as a welcome time out and a means to diffuse the gathered stress.

The seminar’s second day recognized the Electra Security team taking an active part in an exciting conference held by the Municipal Corporations Committee, overseen by mayors and municipal representatives. It was a moment of pride for the team as they showcased Electra Security’s innovative security approach.

Arik Regev expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the collective effort in effecting a significant transformation in Israel’s security outlook: “I thank you. It is through our tied hard work that we are indeed reshaping perceptions across the nation.”

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