Ariel Properties Executive Conference 2024 Highlights

18 April 2024
  • Ariel Properties
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Last Thursday, April 4, 2024, Ariel Properties Group held its Executive Conference at the Vert Hotel in Netanya. The event was a special occasion, featuring a detailed review of the company’s 2023 activities, an outline of the plans for 2024, and an awards ceremony honoring outstanding contributors.

Eran Harel, CEO of Ariel Properties, launched the conference with a comprehensive review of the past year, highlighting both the challenges and achievements the company faced. This was followed by a series of presentations from various executives, showcasing major projects and initiatives.

A key moment of the conference was the award ceremony, recognizing the exceptional contributions of the company’s outstanding employees. The conference also included a pampering lunch and engaging lectures from prominent figures such as Danny Milo, CEO of Electra FM, and Dr. Maor Fried, who delivered an inspiring talk on free enterprises.

Eran Harel reflected on the event: “It was thrilling to reunite with all the company’s managers after the challenges we faced. The conference was not only a celebration of our past achievements but also a platform to fortify our plans and reaffirm the strength of our human capital. I am greatly proud of each one of our team members.”

The conference served as a day of appreciation and inspiration, strengthening ties among the management team, and setting a motivated agenda for the coming year.

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