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28 May 2024
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Three Electra companies are operating Israel Discount Group’s innovative campus in Rishon LeZion, and designing with the customer an upscale employee experience.

The Discount Group complex at the new 1000 Complex in Rishon LeZion is an Israeli landmark in the finance market. Covering 160,000 m2, the project places the banking world, for the first time, alongside the high-tech industry’s largest and most advanced campuses. Comprised of three nine-story buildings, each with four underground floors, the complex sports an impressive design and is equipped with a variety of smart systems.

The campus is designed to serve Discount Group’s three subsidiaries – Discount Bank, Mercantile and CAL – as part of its vision to create an advanced and upscale experience for all 5,200 employees. Ariel Properties, Electra FM and Tavas were chosen to operate the complex based on a joint integrated facility management (IFM) model.

Nir Basal,Campus Manager on behalf of Ariel Properties, says that the project’s operation is a direct continuation of Electra Group’s involvement during its earlier stages. “Electra has been involved with this project both laterally and vertically. Electra M&Eestablished the data center, F.K. Electrainstalled the generators, Megason carried out work for the security department,and Electra Danko executed fit outs of the office floors,” he says.

“Our job is to provide a managerial and operational umbrella because there are many components that need to work together in harmony,” Nir continues. “There are many challenges and missions to complete during the crucial stages of receiving and occupying the property. Sometimes we have to come up with solutions out of thin air and reinvent ourselves. Ultimately, we need to ensure that the employee has a quality experience, especially given that the campus is a central tool for recruiting and retaining employees.”

The campus is a challenging and exciting project, according to Adi Sharvit, VP Operations of Ariel Properties. “It’s not only because of the project’s size and complexity, but also because of our role in transitioning the customer to a new home and in jointly designing an end-to-end service experience. “We are integrating the provisioning of services to employees and visitors across all areas,” she continues. “It starts with receiving the building and systems along with absorbing employees into the complex. That’s followed by producing and accompanying events, supervising catering, provisioning all internal services including supplying office equipment, outfitting kitchenettes, handling inventory, writing work procedures, and manning a service center and control center. All this in a cutting-edge, smart campus managed by an application that connects service providers and recipients.”

Learning on the go

Ilan Cohen, Manager of Tavas’ Shfela Branch, which is responsible for cleaning the campus, says he has never encountered a project of this kind during his 13 years in the field. “I’m amazed by this project,” he says. “It constantly challenges me and involves every kind of work related to cleaning. Once the construction is completed, our cleaning crew will reach about 150 workers. We are constantly learning and making improvements, and are happy to implement green policies on campus through the use of ecological products.”

Electra FM is responsible for the complex’s electromechanical systems, including air conditioning, electricity, lighting, water, plumbing, fire detection and extinguishing systems. In addition, the company is responsible for construction work and furniture.

“From a technological standpoint, as well as in terms of sustainability and energy conservation, this is one of the country’s leading complexes,” says Eli Levy, Campus Maintenance Manager on behalf of Electra M&E. “It’s a green building with a range of energy conservation solutions. These include systems for utilizing air conditioner water for irrigation, automatic electric shutters that move in accordance to the sun’s direction to prevent rays from entering the building, and a buffer between the building’s glass that directs heat toward the roof. The complex has a smart lighting system controlled by motion detectors that turn it off when no movement is detected. The controls can also count the number of people in a room, and automatedly adjust the air conditioning or lighting accordingly.

“We are constantly learning about the electromechanical systems, which are new and complex,” Eli continues. “We’re doing this while receiving the facility from the contractor and handling mishaps that arise with the entry of new workers. For me it’s like a story of creation. Every day you discover something and the picture becomes clearer and clearer,” he concludes with a smile.

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