Conference of work plans of the maintenance division

13 March 2024
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On 22/2, the annual work plan conference of the maintenance division was held in the RIVERSIDE halls in Tel Aviv. The conference opened with a rich lunch in front of the Yarkon River in a pastoral atmosphere alongside rowing boats.
At the end of the meal, all the participants gathered in the main hall to present the contents.
Avi Matzliach, CEO of the maintenance division, opened with a short video that presented the division’s coping following the events of October 7, 2023.

Avi reviewed the company’s activities and significant achievements over the past year and presented the topics the division will focus on this year. Among the most important of these is the reduction of safety incidents and the growth engines of the division.

The participants listened attentively to the division’s activities in rehabilitating the bases and settlements in the envelope, the employees’ coping with extreme situations, the loss experienced by the company, the reserve forces that enlisted, and the broad activity of human resources to support all employees.

After Avi’s remarks, the Group’s CEO, Daniel Milo, thanked all the employees for their contribution and hard work throughout the year. He emphasized the importance of the maintenance workers’ performance in maintaining the integrity of the Group’s infrastructure and assets and expressed great appreciation for their professional commitment and dedication.

לאחר הפסקת קינוחים טעימה, עלה להרצאה סוחפת ד”ר עוז גוטרמן בשם “מזמינים אתכם לזוז”, הנוגעת בפרואקטיביות והדרך בה מנהלים יכולים להתחבר טוב יותר לעובדים שלהם ולעורר בהם מוטיבציה ומחוברות לארגון.

למתעניינים ניתן לקרוא את סיכום ההרצאה של ד”ר גוטרמן בקישור זה:

Avi Matzliach concluded by thanking the organizers who took care of every detail.

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