Electra FM Group Identities

11 October 2023

As a group of companies that provides its customers with services in a wide variety of fields, a need arose for Electra FM to focus the threads that connect the various business units, so that they form joint growth engines. In 2019, the members of the board gathered to consolidate the identities of the group that will jump forward in the new decade.

Daniel Milo, CEO of Electra FM Group, chose to define the meeting as a turning point, “The identification of the group’s identities is a strategic move to adapt its activities to the challenges of the changing business environment and create constant improvement in the business layer. It was clear to the board members that we needed a guideline that we would create together, each company with its own uniqueness, and this was our opportunity to connect the aggregated knowledge into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The products of the two-day workshop were five identities and the skills needed to develop in the group to adopt them:

  1. A market-leading organization
    Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization chosen by customers, which competing companies strive to be like, with added values ​​and differentiation, which identifies market trends and provides an adapted response, and holds the largest market share.
  2. An innovative and technological organization
    Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization that produces added value through advanced solutions for the needs of the changing market.
  3. An organization that excels in providing a service experience
    Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization that excels in providing a customer experience (emotion) to its customers.
  4. Total Integrated Facility Management Group (comprehensive integrated asset management)
    Transforming the Electra FM Group into an integrative organization that provides a set of end-to-end service solutions.
  5. A people-centered organization
    Turning the Electra FM Group into an organization chosen by its employees, which includes connectedness to the workplace and community involvement.

“Most of the skills have already been acquired by the group in one way or another, and it was necessary to distill them and place them in the appropriate framework in a cross-organizational and clear way,” added Milo, “of course we are looking ahead and this is the base point from which we will only continue to develop.”

In the group it is possible to witness several processes occurring simultaneously. Implementation of an innovation strategy, which includes knowledge and development centers, the IFM community consisting of senior managers of the various business units who work in think tanks on initiatives that promote joint work, and more.

Milo continued, “We encourage all our employees, in all positions, to take part in shaping the future of the group. You never know where the next innovative idea will come from, so it is important for me to create direct access to me as well. And when there are clear identities for the group, they are not only constitute a compass, but also a fertile ground for thinking that suits our goals.”

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