Electra FM Group Work Plans Conference 2024

14 March 2024
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On February 28th, the managers of ElectraFM Group met at the ANU Museum in Tel Aviv for a work plans conference titled “Resilience, Cohesion, Growth” for the year 2024. After a delightful breakfast, Tal Almog, the Vice President of Human Resources, opened the conference with an exciting video showcasing the group’s activities since October 7th and plans for the future.

Daniel Milo, the group’s CEO, took the stage to present the group’s accomplishments over the past year, trends in the global and local IFM market, and goals for 2024. During the review, Daniel discussed the challenges, business focuses, and possible growth engines. He analyzed the state of the market and society, showed the activities of competitors, and stated our need as a group to be trailblazers and market leaders.
He also announced the “When I Will Be Us” program, which aims to expand the assimilation of the organizational culture of cooperation from senior to middle management levels
Daniel shared that his original plan was to paint 2024 as a year of “innovation,” but in light of the sensitive situation these days, the group will mainly focus on returning to routine and maintaining functional continuity. The subject of innovation will constitute another layer in the various activities carried out in companies, and at the same time, the group will deal with the subject as well.
Daniel, in his message to the managers, stressed the significance of resilience, cohesion, growth, and cooperation among their employees as crucial for success. He emphasized that individual uniqueness is a cornerstone of growth, which in turn empowers the entire team.

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During a lecture, two special certificates of appreciation were presented to the Maintenance Division and Electra Security in recognition of their exceptional performance during an emergency. The CEOs, Avi Matzliach and Arik Regev Shoashi, along with their employees, were commended for their important contribution to the Group’s excellence. It was a moving and unusual gesture to acknowledge their outstanding work.

The conference resumed with a presentation of the business plans for 2024 by the Group’s various units after a short break. Avi Matzliach, CEO of the Maintenance Division, began with a video detailing the Brigade’s activities during the Iron Sword War, followed by a summary of their significant accomplishments in the same year. Omri Barzilai, CEO of Michlol, then shared the activities his company had undertaken since the war’s outbreak and spoke of their critical role in the headquarters of the abductees. Ilan Shimoni, CEO of Tavas, presented the success and importance of the green strategy even in these complex times. Moshe Weizmann, Electra Tomer’s operations manager, immediately followed with a review of the acceleration in their activities this year due to the security situation and the successful collaborations with other companies. Weizmann also mentioned that Electra Tomer will host a sustainability conference this year, where “key players” will be integrated into the group.

During the meeting, Naftali Yahilchuk, who is a partner at Electra Target, presented the opportunities and winnings of the company in new projects. He mentioned the win in the operation of Elbit’s aerial firefighting squadron, the Jerusalem race that took place on March 8, and the establishment system for the local authorities elections that took place on February 27 in thousands of locations throughout the country. After that, Arik Regev Shoashi, who is the CEO of Electra Security, presented a new security concept for communities in at-risk areas that was written at the end of the October 7 events. He emphasized the importance of implementing the skipping security model due to the tremendous growth of the company. Nadav Hartal, who is the CEO of the Field Service Division, discussed the planned moves that will lead the division to extraordinary achievements and unveiled the roof-driven maintenance plan using the innovative “drone array”. Lastly, Eran Harel, who is the CEO of Ariel Properties, spoke about the challenges he faced during his first year in the position in light of the complex events in the country. He also talked about the growth the company experienced and the implementation and development of the AppGrade app for operations.

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After the lunch break, the participants took a self-guided tour of the Museum of the Jewish People, which was both impressive and accessible. They also visited the “October 7” exhibition, which showcased works by artists from the Gaza envelope, as well as pieces that were created following the war and the harsh attack on Israel.

The conference concluded with a fascinating lecture by trendologist Adi Yoffe. Yoffe presented the main principles that make it possible to predict future trends and technologies that are expected to change the rules of the game, and thanks to examples from the recent past, explained that only flexibility in the face of market-disrupting events and finding creative solutions can continue to develop.

At the end of the activity, the managers of the group dispersed for a motivated weekend for the work year, not forgetting to collect the lovely gift – a Shabbat pot with ingredients for making comforting soup, in which we combined a greeting from Daniel Milo to the families who support the managers all year round.

May we have a successful and productive year of work

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