Field Service Conference

11 March 2024
  • Field Service
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Last January, the managers of the FS Division met at the Bat Yam Design Terminal to plan their work for the year 2024. They gathered at a social and special design complex established by the “Out of the Box” association. This space is shared by a designer incubator, a rehabilitation factory, and a social courtyard that works together.
The participants assembled in the main hall to present the work plan. Nadav Hartal, CEO of Electra Field Service, offered a summary of the division’s achievements in 2023, discussed how they coped with the events of October 7, and prepared for the return of reservists who are expected to return to routine work.

Nadav highlighted the division’s expansion of its customer base in 2023, which included the IEC infrastructure project, Philips, and others. He also noted the expansion of business cooperation with sister companies, expressed appreciation for the support of the headquarters in the field, and unveiled the preventive maintenance plan for rooftops – the “drone array”.

The division’s managers were pleased with the progress made by the technicians in the field and expressed their appreciation for the variety of training they had received during the year, such as the locks and safe breaking course, air conditioning and cooling course, fire extinguishing systems training, and more.

After a delicious lunch, the managers went to a woodworking workshop where they built tables and benches together for Kibbutz Gvaram, which had been severely damaged in the war.

Nadav Hartal summed up the conference by saying, “After a year of growth in 2023 with many changes in work processes and entry into new markets and challenges, we have opened 2024 into a war and a market of uncertainty. All the division managers gathered here to summarize the main points of 2023 and study the challenges and goals for the coming year. We reviewed the work plan that coordinated the departments’ plans. And in the spirit of the times, we ended the day with a consolidation activity that contributes entirely to the communities near the Gaza Strip. I am very proud of you.”

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