Green is Clean is spreading through the Hi-Tech Sector

10 January 2024
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In the January 2024 edition of the “Israeli High-Tech Book” on behalf of TheMarker newspaper, which was marked by the place of high-tech in the war effort and the post-war reality, an article was published by the CEO of the Peacock Company, Ilan Shimoni, who emphasizes once again that within all the national and geopolitical reconstruction activities there is enormous importance in the activity to reduce the negative impact on the planet.

In April 2023, Tavas launched a momentous initiative, Green is Clean, transitioning exclusively to environmentally friendly cleaning products. As the largest cleaning company in Israel, Tavas is raising the bar for customer expectations and setting an example for its competitors. The company is also actively encouraging other businesses to make a positive environmental change.

Founded in 1988, Tavas has partnered with the Israeli hi-tech industry since its early days. Many hi-tech companies rely on Tavas’ dedicated, technologically advanced, customized, and operationally flexible services, especially during challenging times. Together with its customers, Tavas promotes its environmental and social agenda, which prioritizes empowering employees and upholding their rights. “Today, Tavas’ 3,500 cleaning professionals, diligently maintaining tens of millions of square meters across Israel, from Dan to Eilat, have stopped using polluting cleaning products,” Shimoni described. “We are switching to ecological, environmentally friendly products that don’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.” He concluded by saying, “Tavas consistently chooses to be on the right side of history.”

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