The Impact Surge as an Economic Engine

9 January 2024
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

The sustainability sector is gaining momentum around the world in recent years. As a market leader, Electra FM Group has set itself the goal of taking part in the effort to develop the sector within its ranks and for its customers, thereby creating a positive environmental and social impact. This is in addition to the many services in the field that are provided as part of its ongoing work since established, which stems from the understanding that the economy is shaping the reality around us.

Idit Shani, VP of IFM and Global Strategic, explains, “Understanding that sustainability is the right thing for employees and customers, for the population in Israel and the world in general, it was placed as one of the group’s core values. The IFM team is raising the flag of sustainability in the group and is constantly driving cross-organizational changes.”

The need for a change in perception does not come only at the local level, but also from new laws and regulations that are being introduced from abroad, mainly from Europe, and are expected to affect Israel and export profits, as well as international perceptions and clear requirements from the supply chain.

“The close connection with global companies that already work according to clear guidelines in the field of sustainability, allows IFM to create partnerships in various initiatives and be exposed to new ideas in joint workshops,” Shani continues, “After we developed a structured strategy that includes a supportive organizational structure, we continue to promote the company in various programs and improve our capabilities in the field.”

Electra FM promotes various Wellness activities for its employees, and they also fall under the field of sustainability. This is because employee health and safety and job satisfaction are inseparable values from sustainability – they are the ones who take care of their well-being. Additional activities related to it are social engagement and volunteering – they have a direct impact on the society in which we live.

For companies that mainly deal with the management and maintenance of buildings and sites, the environmental sector is the area with the greatest impact. And it is those companies with a variety of solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers that protect the environment that will receive more inquiries in the coming years. As mentioned, in the end, it is the economic advantages that encourage the market, and it is the savings that customers receive that constitute the best incentive to turn to sustainable solutions.

Shani concludes, “Creating practical solutions and changing our approach to the world are what will determine the quality of our lives today and in the future. We are confident that extensive and in-depth activity in the field will yield added value, and thus attract additional opportunities to the group and distinguish it in the eyes of existing and potential customers. Together, we can help to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the environment and society for the creation of a healthy, balanced, and just society.”

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