Opening Electric Community Conference Launches at Electra FM

30 April 2024
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In late March, Electra FM launched its first-ever Electric Community Conference, marking the start of an ambitious initiative within the company.

The conference brought together representatives from all subsidiaries with a unified aim to advance the field of electricity within the group.

Avi Matzliach, CEO of the Maintenance Division, launched the event by outlining the 2023 and 2024 work plan, which includes comprehensive training for all electrically engaged workers. The plan is structured around several key initiatives:
Axis 1: Formation of an Electricity Forum, aimed at connecting approximately 600 licensed electricians from various companies.
Axis 2: Creation of an Electricity Community, targeting around 50 engineers and practical engineers from across the group.

The day continued with insights from Daniel Milo, CEO of Electra FM, who emphasized the Electric Community’s role as a crucial platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and fostering professional growth.
This initiative is expected to catalyze innovation, enhance organizational cohesion, and establish Electra FM as a leader in the electricity sector.

Piki Kaufman, the Group’s VP of Engineering, and Oron Antebi, Chief Electrical and Quality Engineer in the Maintenance Division, further detailed the community’s objectives and the Electricity Forum’s primary activities.

Adding to the professional agenda, Mali Morton, Head of Innovation at IAI, delivered an engaging talk on innovation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Her lecture equipped attendees with practical tools for implementing AI technologies both professionally and personally.

This conference is just the beginning of a series of specialized gatherings and educational tours focusing on the electricity sector. Future sessions will cover topics such as electrical work safety and the integration of smart systems in building management and automation.

This strategic initiative is poised to enhance the group’s service quality and elevate the professional capabilities of its workforce.

We wish all participants every success in this exciting new venture!

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