Safety First: Electra FM’s Commitment to a Safer Future

16 May 2024
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Safety is our top priority at Electra FM. As we approach World Safety Week, we are proud to share a recent incident at the Sorek Park site that underscores our dedication to the safety of both our employees and the public.

During routine operations at the Gan Sorek site, an unusual occurrence was detected: repeated tripping of switches in a mass laboratory. Recognizing the potential danger, the site staff promptly contacted Electra FM’s maintenance team.

Our skilled technicians quickly arrived on-site to conduct thorough tests. The source of the problem was identified as an improper connection in the feed to the plug housing, specifically a reversed connection of the phase and ground terminals. This misconnection could have caused a dangerous voltage on device casings, posing a serious life-threatening hazard.

Thanks to the alertness, professionalism, and swift action of the Electra FM team, a potentially disastrous situation was prevented.
This incident highlights the importance of vigilance, prompt reporting, and professional emergency response. At Electra FM, we are dedicated to fostering a safety culture and collaborating towards a safer future.

Special thanks to our Electra FM team for their professional and prompt response.

Celebrating World Safety Week

World Safety Week is a reminder of the critical importance of safety. Electra FM is a reliable believer in safety and continually strives to enhance safety procedures at all our sites. We provide our customers with a team of highly skilled technicians equipped with the latest knowledge and tools.

Safety is paramount for Electra FM, and we are committed to embedding a safety culture throughout our operations.

As part of this commitment, we focus on five key areas to enhance workplace safety:

1. Creating a Safety Culture
Instilling safety consciousness among employees is central to our safety culture. This involves comprehensive safety training for every employee, sharing safety incident information, demonstrating safe behavior by managers, disseminating company policies and procedures, enforcing the use of personal protective equipment, and supervising the implementation of safety protocols.

2. Company Safety Officer
Electra FM benefits from the expertise of an internal safety officer, Moshe Bachar, and a safety consulting firm, Ofer Safety. These resources ensure that employees have access to professional guidance and quick responses to any safety-related questions or concerns.

3. Adherence to Training and Safety Checks:
We conduct regular and thorough safety inspections, including evaluations of the work environment, processes, training validity, and familiarity with site-specific risks. These regular checks are vital in reducing the risk of workplace accidents and ensuring the health and well-being of our employees.

4. Daily and Weekly Safety Monitoring
Electra FM integrates a daily safety routine alongside annual training. Each morning, the site manager holds a brief “morning talk” focusing on safety aspects, risk identification, incident reminders, and the importance of safety. This daily discussion is aimed at reinforcing a strong safety culture and encouraging safe teamwork.

5. Creating a Safe Work Environment
We are committed to establishing a mechanism for reporting safety hazards and providing tools for employees to report malfunctions and incidents. This proactive approach helps prevent future accidents by addressing potential risks promptly.

We are proud to lead in safety initiatives. Together, we continue to develop and improve our safety procedures, ensuring the well-being of our employees and the public.

Electra FM remains steadfast in our mission to create a safer workplace and a safer world.

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