Security Strengthens the War on Violence: Unique Training for ISB Fighters

20 March 2024
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Electra Security, which specializes in providing advanced security solutions, continues to expand its activities in the field of violence prevention. About six months ago, the company began a unique training program for its customers with participation for patrol fighters, aimed at providing tools for coping effectively and effectively with violent incidents.

The program, built in collaboration with Yoram Hattab, an expert on nonviolent intervention, combines theory and practical practice. The workshop exposed the fighters to a variety of approaches to coping with situations of violence, with an emphasis on de-escalation, prevention of verbal and physical violence, and effective communication.

The fighters practice through simulations of real situations, using various techniques of nonviolent intervention. The exercises allow them to experience challenges related to coping with violence while receiving professional feedback and strengthening self-confidence.

In the 2023 Shark-tank Competition, this initiative, put forward by Shir Sason, Customer Relations Manager at Electra Security, won second place. Shir recognized the need for a unique training program for patrol fighters and the initiative received the resources needed to make it a reality.

Sason says: “The goal was to provide our customers with added value and to provide the patrol fighters with practical tools that would enable them to deal with violent incidents safely and effectively. The reactions from the fighters were amazing. The training gave them more confidence in their ability to cope with complex situations. Later on, this training program will be presented as a service to customers, that want their employees to be able to neutralize situations of violence before they occur by themselves.”

Electra Security is proud to take an active part in the fight against violence and believes that the unique training program will contribute greatly to maintaining the safety of customers and workplaces.

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