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22 May 2024
  • Make a Wish Israel
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As part of a volunteer day with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses, Electra FM volunteers came together to fulfill Shoham’s wish. Shoham, a 16-year-old recovering from cancer, had her wish granted by the volunteers.

Make-A-Wish Israel is part of an international organization founded in the USA in 1980. The organization’s mission is to fulfill the wishes of children aged 3-18 who are battling life-threatening illnesses. Denis and Avi Bar-Aharon founded the Israeli branch of Make-A-Wish in 1996 in memory of Denis’s brother, David Spiro. Since its inception, the organization has granted over 5,000 life-changing wishes to sick children. In many places around the world, doctors view wish fulfillment as an integral part of supportive care.

Electra’s collaboration with the foundation has become a tradition and is part of Electra Group’s extensive social involvement program. Each wish fulfillment is the beginning of a journey for the child until the day of the wish itself. Of course, it is also a journey for the employees who experience an emotional and unforgettable event!

Shoham’s dream was to upgrade her bedroom with new furniture and decor in white tones. She mentioned her love for makeup, and the most important piece of furniture to her was a makeup station with a large illuminated mirror. She also expressed her love for hamburgers.

Before the holiday, Shoham’s room underwent painting and light renovations, including the installation of a TV with a swivel mount. Yesterday, Electra FM volunteers arrived at Shoham’s home with a professional makeup artist from Il Makiage to fulfill her wish.

The makeup artist applied makeup using various products, which she left for Shoham as a gift. She also taught Shoham beauty tips. Meanwhile, the volunteers arranged Shoham’s room with new sheets, a new curtain, a mirror, a rug, a blanket, a makeup table with a cushioned chair, and grooming and makeup kits.

After Shoham completed her makeup workshop and enjoyed a hamburger and fries, she entered her newly decorated room and was thrilled to see all the new white furniture.

A big thank you to the Electra FM volunteerss who took part in this blessed activity:

Shani Tzukran – Human Resources
Liran Amar – Field Service Division
Erika Peretz – Ariel Properties
Erez Zahavi – Electra Security
Yaki Levi – Maintenance Division
Dudu Tzabari – Tavas
Adi Shauli – Michlol
Tuvia Yahalom – Electra Tomer
Omri Shay – Electra Target

Erika Peretz, Administrative Coordinator at Microsoft Ariel Properties: “Fulfilling someone else’s dream is a kind of fulfilling my dreams because nothing makes me happier than giving. Giving and making others happy is true happiness. Seeing Shoham excited and smiling simply warms the heart and is incredibly moving. I hope she always remains healthy and happy. An amazing girl. The collaboration of people with big hearts made this experience unforgettable. Thank you for the privilege.”

Liran Amar, VP of Operations and Service, Field Service Division: “It is very moving to help someone fulfill a dream, especially a child like Shoham who has faced the challenges of illness. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project 🙏🏼”

Yaki Levi, Team Leader at the Blood Bank, Maintenance Division: “The preparations, the search, and finding the items Shoham dreamed of, and everyone’s commitment – the care and concern, everyone supported in their way and ability.
The moment of fulfillment, the smile, and the excitement of Shoham and her mother – left no dry eye among the group members. Electra FM is a powerhouse – proud to be part of a group that supports and gives back to the community. Thank you for the experience, I cherish the moment. May we always be on the giving side “

Omri Shay, Project Manager at Electra Target: “Make-A-Wish connected us, strangers who work under one purpose and had never met before, and now… a team. Each one pulling in their direction, each contributing and being contributed to as they can. At the end, a young girl, a bit shy, with a simple and modest request. Yesterday we met for the wish fulfillment day, it was a social meeting of strangers with one girl with big smiling eyes. Coming to support her in her battle with illness, the healthcare system, and life… then the magic happened. We were the lucky ones.”

Electra FM has already fulfilled wishes for three sick children and plans to continue this blessed tradition. We believe every child deserves to dream and see their dreams come true.

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