An unforgettable seminar at Electra Security

Following an intense period marked by round-the-clock efforts, some of which involved sustained periods in reserve duty, Electra Security’s CEO, Arik Regev Shuashi, chose to halt the relentless pace, to alleviate the recent stress, he orchestrated a distinctive seminar in Eilat for the Security Group.

Enhancing Community Security: A Proactive Approach for Tomorrow

On the fateful day of October 7th, the State of Israel was shaken by a terrorist attack that profoundly altered the sense of security within its northern communities. In the aftermath of this harrowing event, Electra Security has spearheaded a thorough examination of the defense mechanisms in place for cities and towns, engaging in dialogues with Chief Security Officers (CSOs), alert squad members, affected residents, abductees, law enforcement personnel, military commanders, and soldiers from various branches of combat.