The Evolving Landscape of Facility Management: Embracing a Streamlined Future with IFM

An unforgettable seminar at Electra Security

Following an intense period marked by round-the-clock efforts, some of which involved sustained periods in reserve duty, Electra Security’s CEO, Arik Regev Shuashi, chose to halt the relentless pace, to alleviate the recent stress, he orchestrated a distinctive seminar in Eilat for the Security Group.

Security Strengthens the War on Violence: Unique Training for ISB Fighters

Electra Security, which specializes in providing advanced security solutions, continues to expand its activities in the field of violence prevention. About six months ago, the company began a unique training program for its customers with participation for patrol fighters, aimed at providing tools for coping effectively and effectively with violent incidents.

A New Era of Waste Separation at Electra FM

“Waste separation at the source expresses the highest level of awareness of the environment and its fragility that a person can adopt”, said Dudi Mizrahi, COO of Tavas, summarizing the process of introducing waste separation bins to the offices of Electra FM Group headquarters in the Amot Platinum building in Petah Tikva.

Conference of work plans of the maintenance division

On 22/2, the annual work plan conference of the maintenance division was held in the RIVERSIDE hallsin Tel Aviv. Avi Matzliach, CEO of the Maintenance Division, reviewed the company’s activities and significant achievements over the past year and presented the topics on which the Division will focus this year. Among the most important of these is the reduction of safety incidents and the growth engines of the division.

Field Service Conference

In January of last year, the managers of the Mobile Service Division held a meeting to discuss their work plans for 2024. During the meeting, Nadav Hartal, CEO of Electra Field Service, provided a summary of the division’s performance in 2023 and discussed how they dealt with the events of October 7. He also guided the division in preparing for the return of reservists who were expected to resume their routine work.